Development Strategy


We seek to develop market-relevant and commercially viable products by improving upon existing solutions and addressing future needs.

We are guided by a systematic approach to R&D. In pursuing new concepts and products, we consider their commercial viability, customer needs, as well as how we can grow our knowledge pool and achieve process improvements.

Our strategy provides a balanced approach towards technology leadership, and will enable us to create value for our customers.


Our mission is to provide a full range of premium services to the oil, gas and marine operating entities in conjunction with national and international companies.


Our vision is to develop and sustain our operations for the upcoming twenty years.

Formula of Success

Rise Early, Work Intelligently, Strike Oil.


Bringing together the best of our technology and operational experience, we partner customers at the front-end of projects to develop and customize market-relevant solutions.

Our comprehensive suite of offshore and marine solutions address the operating challenges of virtually all frontiers.


Developing winning solutions for the market Ozeano Artikoa provides value-added propositions to customers by constantly adapting and innovating to address the needs and challenges of the market.

Our commitment to advancing our technological capabilities helps us to stay ahead of the curve.